Founding Districts

Canton City School District
Canton City School District is a member of the Ohio 8 coalition and is located in Canton, Ohio. CCSD is Stark County's largest school district with a student population of approximately 8,500. The district currently has 21 instructional buildings ranging from our Early Learning Center to our high school which spans two campuses.  Students in grades PK-12 are all assigned an iPad with grades 1-12 all having Logitech keyboard cases. Students in grades 7-12 are given the opportunity to take their iPad home during the school year. In addition to 1:1 iPads, schools also have laptop carts available when needed. Additionally, all of our teaching staff have both a Mac laptop and an iPad for instructional purposes. Teachers have also been given Logitech crayons and the option to have an external monitor. During the past 18 months, our classrooms have been fitted with 65” Viewsonic displays with PK-3 having a touch display, 4-12 having standard displays and each building has an assortment of Viewsonic 75” mobile touch displays.

Educational Service Center of Central Ohio

Based in Columbus, the Educational Service Center of Central Ohio serves 30 member districts, including three career-technical centers, representing a combined enrollment of more than 225,000 students in Delaware, Franklin, Licking, Madison, Marion, Morrow, Ross, and Union counties. Committed to fostering strong relationships with our partners, the ESC joined the LETSGO-OH community to continue to support member districts in their 1:1 Apple technology implementations. As a leading provider of professional learning opportunities, the ESC hosts and offers a variety of events and training sessions focused on topics such as Apple devices, productivity tools, and technologies as well as on digital conversion, personalized learning, and technology integration.

Galion City Schools

Our 1:1 program began in 2010 with iPads for grades 3-5 and MacBook Airs for grades 6-12. Since then, we have evolved the program in an effort to be fiscally responsible while providing the best tools for our students.  As of the 2020-21 school year, we are now fully 1:1 K-12 with iPads. Our mission at Galion City Schools is to prepare students with a rigorous education that enables them to be contributing members of our community. We provide a safe, respectful environment that cultivates leaders of tomorrow. Our 1:1 program with Apple supports our district’s mission by providing the necessary tools to our students that will empower them to meet our guiding principle which is “Believe in yourself, Achieve your greatest potential, and Succeed in all aspects of life”.  Being a 1:1 district allows us to focus on these principles within a blended learning environment and gives us the ability to offer the personalized learning opportunities that our students deserve.

Hilliard City Schools
With almost 16,500 students, Hilliard City Schools is the eighth largest school district in the state of Ohio. Our mission is to ensure that every student is Ready for Tomorrow.
One2One Program: Hilliard Schools began it's One2One program with sixth grade students during the 2014-15 school year. Over the next three years, the program expanded outward until all students in Grades K-12 had an iPad assigned to them. Today, all students in grades K-4 keep their device at school and students in grades 5-12 can take their iPad home with them. 

Goals: Personalization thru Blended Learning:  The district will provide for the effective use of
resources and data for teachers to personalize instruction for their students while continuing to encourage communication and collaboration.
Digital WellnessThe district will continue to provide resources, training and guidance to
staff and students on how to lead safe, responsible and balanced lives as global digital

Mariemont City Schools
A guiding philosophy at Mariemont has always been that investment in technology must directly impact the teaching and learning process. This belief has led to wise investment in technology that provides a scalable infrastructure and hardware, software and peripheral devices that pay the greatest dividends for the students and teachers in the classroom and beyond.

One-to-One Program: The fall of 2018, we transitioned to a common device one-to-one environment in grades K-8 with a combination of iPad generations, mostly 6th gen with the logitech keyboard and crayon. Our staff currently all use 10.5” iPad Pros with keyboard and pencils.  We will be transitioning 9-12 to iPads by 2020.
Growing Up Digital:
The family professional development program we are developing that includes a speaker series on pertinent topics. Resource center on our district site for families to have the conversation at home. Finally, a K-12 digital literacy and citizenship program taught in our schools.

New Albany-Plain Local Schools
New Albany - Plain Local Schools is a consistent performer earning the maximum of indicators on the state report card issued by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). Even though our district is in the top 10% of districts in the State of Ohio, we continue to pursue even higher levels of excellence. In 2016, the Board of Education established the Purpose for the district: to create a culture of accountability that achieves the best academic and developmental outcomes for each student. We started to implement our one-to-one initiative in the 2018-2019 school year in our Intermediate Schools (grades 4-6).  Students in this building all received a 6th generation iPad; 5th and 6th graders can take the devices home, and 4th grade devices are kept at school in classroom carts.  Teachers all received a MacBook Air, iPad Pro, and there is an Apple TV in each classroom.  We will expand the program each year by adding 9th grade students (iPad Pros), and also adding carts to grades 1-3.  We will be fully one-to-one during the 2022-2023 school year.

Northmont City Schools 
Northmont City Schools continues the tradition and heritage of academic, athletic and fine arts excellence that began over 50 years ago. Northmont City Schools is located in northern Montgomery County (just north of Dayton, Ohio) and is the essential element that blends the municipalities of Clayton, Englewood, Union, Phillipsburg and a portion of Clay Township together into a community that supports quality education. The district encompasses 44 square miles, includes one early learning center, five elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school and serves around 5000 students.
Technology has been a part of the educational process for many years. Around 10 years ago, the district's Strategic Planning committee set a goal for the district to increase technology devices that were available to students and ultimately becoming a One to One district in the future. This began with the high school adopting iPads for a pilot group of students. Several years later, the high school then expanded to become completely One to One with iPads for all students. A few years later, in the spring of 2017, a Technology Review Team was formed to put together a vision of how technology should impact student learning across grade levels. They researched and developed a plan for both technology expansion and instructional shifts that would happen. In January of 2018, they proposed the district move to One to One for all grades using iPads. The board approved this recommendation and the district fully implemented this beginning in the 2018-2019 school year.

Rolling Hills
At Rolling Hills, all students are immersed in technology-embedded learning environments that foster creativity and innovation. Our goal is to facilitate student-centered collaboration that supports them in becoming critical thinkers and problem solvers. Rolling Hills’ educators push the boundary of expectations and develop within their students the skills needed to become contributors to today’s society. Since 2015, our 1:1 device initiative has given students access to the world far beyond the walls of the classroom. At Rolling Hills each student is given an iPad, each teacher has an iPad and MacBook, and each classroom is equipped with an Apple TV. Use of these devices has transformed the learning environment as students regularly participate in real world learning experiences that develop college and career readiness skills. Since the start of our 1:1 device roll out, the creativity and innovation of students has blossomed into the most authentic learning experiences we have ever seen.

Springfield City Schools
The Springfield City School district collaborates with its families and community partners to support college or career readiness and personal success for every student. Collectively we deliver a rigorous, opportunity-rich and student-centered education that inspires lifelong learning. We are all educational leaders with a focus on curiosity and diversity. We engage and inspire our students. The Springfield City School District values technology use in the classroom for future-ready  learning.  Over the past several years, improvements in bandwidth, equipment and software have allowed our staff and students to approach future-ready teaching and learning practices with the necessary supports in place.  The district is in its fifth year of the one-to-one technology program and continues to provide innovative learning experiences for students.

Upper Arlington City Schools
The Upper Arlington City School District has a legacy that is built upon a history of focusing on continuous improvement and adapting to the changing needs of our students as we seek to fulfill our vision of uniquely accomplished students prepared to serve, lead and succeed. The district launched a one-to-one technology program in December 2016 as part of our innovative strategic plan. The district believes that it is essential to personalize learning in order to provide students with the tools and the opportunities that will both enhance educational experiences and ensure their readiness for the next phase of their lives. Through the district's one-to-one technology program, students in kindergarten through grade 12 receive district-owned iPads to use as tools to personalize their learning experience and support their success.